Right-angle Bending & Tempering Furnace

Right-angle Bending & Tempering Furnace


This is a Full-Automatic Right-Angle Bending & Tempering Furnace, it can make various of beautiful furniture glass and fish aqurium with 90 degree right-angle bending & tempering quality!


1)- Glass Processing Thickness : 10-19mm
2)- Max. Bending Process Size: L.1600mm x W.800mm x H.500mm
3)- Max. Glass Processing Size of Main Bending Furnace: 1600x1800mm
4)- Blower Power: 37KW ( 2 pcs of 18.5KW blowers, made in China)
5)- Heating Coil Power of Main Bending Furnace: 240 KW
6)- Control System : SIEMENS PLC control, whole working process is automatic, with 5.7 inch SIEMENS touch screen computer.
7) All the main electric switch will use Omron Brand, indicator light will be Chinese brand.

8)- Toal Power: 280 KW (380V / 50Hz)
9)- Whole Production Line approxxi size: L 13200mm x W 3200mm x H 3400mm
10)- Producing Efficiency:

5-9 pcs / per hour according to double edge bending glass size L.1600mm x W.800mm x H.500mm.

Note: If you produce single edge bending glass with size L.800mm x W.500mm x H.200mm, one hour can

produce about 20-24pcs, because you can process 4 pcs glass at one time.
11)- Finished Products Yield : ≥ 95%
12)- 2 Person for Machine Operation
13)- Weight: 7.5 tons

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