Full-Automatic Right-Angle Bending & Tempering Furnace

Full-Automatic Right-Angle Bending & Tempering Furnace


This is a Full-Automatic Right-Angle Bending & Tempering Furnace, it can make various of beautiful furniture glass and fish aqurium with 90 degree right-angle bending & tempering quality!




1)- Glass Processing Thickness : 10-19mm
2)- Max. Bending Size: Single Edge bending L.1200mm x W.500mm x H.200mm ( can put 4 pcs at one time)
3)- Max. Glass Sheet Size: 1600x2600mm
4)- Blower Power: 60KW ( 4pcs of 18.5KW blowers, made in China)
5)- Heating Coil Power of Main Bending Furnace: 120 KW
6)- System:


A. Control System : SIEMENS PLC control, whole working process is automatic;


B. 5.7 inch SIEMENS touch screen computer.
7) Electronic Parts List:


a. Frequency transducer – Mitsubishi


b. Blower: Made in Nanhai Foshan, China. ( Most of the famous Flat Tempering Line Factory use the


same company blower)


c. Indicator light: Shanghai Shuang Ke.


d. Pressure Regulating Module: Hangzhou Xi Zi.


e. Motor: Jiangmen Jiangsheng


f: Other electric switch will use Omron / ZHENGT TAI / DELIXI.
8)- Toal Power: Approxxi 200 KW (380V / 50Hz)
9)- Whole Production Line approxxi size: L 15000mm x W 2200mm x H 2400mm
10)- Producing Efficiency:


If you produce single edge bending glass with size L.1100mm x W.500mm x H.100mm, one hour can


produce about 20-24pcs, process 4 pcs glass at one time.
11)- Finished Products Yield : ≥ 95%
12)- 2 Person for Machine Operation
13)- Weight: 8.0 tons


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