SANKEN Excellent Auto-Clave



Autoclave gate and body: 16MnR

Heater: Gold-plated midwave infrared preheater pipe

Full-pressure system: Rubber seal packing collar

Thermal insulation material: Salty cotton and kapok and aluminum silicate

Chiller: Seamless steel pipe finned tube entire volumetric heat melt galvanization


Main technique parameter of Autoclave

Effective inside diameter of autoclave body steel shell: 2800mm;

Max. processing width: 2440mm

Max. processing length: 6000mm

Min. processing size: 350*350

Working pressure: 0--1.25Mpa  

Safety valve opening pressure: 1.3Mpa

Operating temperature: 0-135

Design temperature: 150

Actuating medium: Compressed air (inside temperature of autoclave 5 -7 )

In cauldron gauge: 1200mm (made to order according to customers demands)

Heat preservation way: keeps warm inside,   thickness 50-100mm

Open door way: Electromotion operated, Door left open (toward the autoclave door and

turn left)

Total Powert: 114 KW (energy conservation)

Size of Autoclave: 7500*3600*3250mm (L*W*H)

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