SKGM-01 SANKEN Excellent Multi-surface Glass Mosaic Machine

SKGM-01 SANKEN Excellent Multi-surface Glass Mosaic Machine


SANKEN Excellent Multi-surface Glass Mosaic Machine


Main Technical Specifications:

(1) MODEL NO.: SKGM-01

(2) Max. Processing: 50mm x 50mm

(3) Min. Processing: 8mm x 8mm

(4) Processng Thickness: 5-19mm

(5) Voltage: 380V/50Hz

(6) Total Power: 8 KW

(7) G.W : 1000.00 KGS

(8) Size: 1800mm x 1000mm x 1630mm


This is an exclusive intelligent Glass Mosaic Making Machine, it’s controled by PLC system, whole machine is designed and manufacturing by SANKEN company independently.

This Glass Mosaic Machine is specialized in producing a variety of shapes and multi-surface beautiful & fashional crystal style glass, the size can be 5mm x 5mm up to 80mm x 80mm, and the style of mosaic shapes could be: Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval, Triangle, Hexagonal, Octagonal and etc.

The production of Glass Mosaic products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decorations and related craftworks, such as: High-Class Hotels, High-Class Restaurants, Halls, Cafes, Dance Halls, Kitchen, Bathroom, and many kinds of Beautiful Trademarks, Spelling, Fashion Crafts.

Due to the special nature of glass, crystal clear, bright and clean, high-class decoration to so it can fully demonstrate the elegant glass art for your high-class decoration, and you will have rich stereo vision under different lighting effects. In the design shapes, you can make beautiful combination of space with your own infinite imagination!

Zero water absorption of glass mosaic, never yellowing, and the features of easily to clean it as good as new wcrystal ith just water, and it gives a high-level, elegant, luxurious feel, this is gorgeous and elegant glass mosaic charm.

SANKEN will bring you a new nice experience for how to make Beautiful Glass Mosaic!

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