CE CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Production Line

CE CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Production Line


SKCL-3725A CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Production Line  (CE for Europe Quality Standard)


Our CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line is included with three equipments: CNC Automatic Glass Loading Machine, CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine, and Pneumatical Glass Breaking Table. Controlled with a commercially PC,all three machines are worked together automatically in high speed and high precision.


The full Automatic Cutting Line is composed of:

1- Glass Loading Machine - SKLM-3725A

2- CNC Cutting Table with Belt-transfer - SKC-3725A

3- Breaking Machine - SKB-4030C




Work flow:

After starting the inputting machine, arms automatically suck glass from the shelf. Under sensor controlled, glass automatically find edge in the X and Y directions. After moving to the designated location, transport glass to the CNC cutting table. Under laser sensory element guidance, use laser-reader to get the position of the glass-sheet. Cutter will move to coordinate origin, and automatically start to cut according to the preinstall graph. After cutting, glass will move to the breaking table. Start break bars and to break the glass. At this point, the whole process work was completed.



1- Glass Automatic Single-side Loading Machine:

1.1  Technical data:


Working mode:

the loading is driven by the gear-motor, and run on the rail

Max glass weight:


Max glass size:

3660mm x 2440mm

Working circle time:

1ST : station>35sec


1working stations in one side

Required power:

8KW/380V / 415V, 50Hz

Required pressure:

0.6MPa, dry and instant



1.2 Introduction:

Driven by the gear motors, the machine can know the position of the glass sheet automatically.

Put the Glass-sheets in one side of the machine. Controlled by the PLC in the machine, the operator can finish the job from glass loading to glass position.


Hydraulic system: the hydraulic motor is made by "ABB", the hydraulic pump and valves are made in Japan, the brand is "Yuken";

Transfer system: Use the motor and gear reducer;

Pneumatic system: All the pneumatic parts is make from "SMC";

Electrical parts: All the electrica l parts is made from "SIEMENZ", the PLC is made from "OMRON";





2- Automatic Glass Cutting Machine (Model No.: SKC-3725A)

2.1  Technical data:


Max glass size:

3660mm x 2440mm

Glass thickness:


Max speed:


Cutting precision:

(+ - ) 0.20mm/2000m

Required power

10KW, 380V / 415V, 50Hz

Required pressure

0.6MPa, dry and instant

Occupation Area:

4700mm x 3300mm x 1900mm


1. The glass sheet is transferred by the conveyer belt;

2. The glass sheet is positioned by the electrical device;


2.2  Introduction:

The operator can edit the glass size for cutting with computer. The computer can optimize the cutting size, and give out the data for processing, driven the machine to cut the glass sheet automatically in high speed and high precision.


Electrical parts: All the electrical parts and is made from "Siemens";

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