1915 Automatic Glass Straight-Line Cutting Machine

1915 Automatic Glass Straight-Line Cutting Machine


SKC-1915AL Automatic Glass Straight -Line Cutting Machine (( For Straight-Line Cutting)


This CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine can cut a sheet of glass into different specifications. It can cut a sheet glass into 4 areas. With the touch screen, it is simple to input parameters and to operate.


1- PLC controlled. It is simple to input the cutting size parameters with touch screen.

2- The cutting programs of standard patterns and combinations enable users to cut out any shape of ordinary glass at their discretion.

3- Tabletop can be chosen. The function of blowing and suction can be exchange.

4- Cutting Type: Straight cutting.

5- Oiled automatically for cutting.


 Technique Specification:

Max Cutting Size(mm)

1500 x 1200

Max Cutting Speed(m/min)


Cutting Accuracy(mm/m)


Glass Cutting Thickness(mm)



220V/ 380V/ 415V/ 50Hz (Three Phase)

Outline Dimension(LxWxH)  (mm)

2500 x 2000 x 1500


About us:


S&K Glass Machinery Limited is a Professional Glass Machine Manufacturer & Exporter, we specialize in producing various of High-Class Glass Deep-processing Equipment, For series of Glass Cutting Processing Machines are including:


1- CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Production Line
2- Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Production Line
3- Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

4- CNC Glass Cutting Table
Semiautomatic Glass Cutting Machine / Table
Glass Straight Cutting Machine
7- Glass Shaped Cutting Machine
8- Manual Glass Cuttng Machine

9- Automatic Round Cutting Machine
10- Glass Loader
11- Pneumatic Glass Breaking Machine


For and on the basis of mutual benefits and further development, we are sincerely willing to be hand in hand cooperate together with you in sharing of fruitful success.

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