3725 CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

3725 CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine


SKC-3725 CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine ( For Straight-Line and Irregular Shape Cutting)


1-   Introduction:


This CNC Atomatic shaped Glass Cutting Machine allows users to cut out any shape of glass with high precision. It can connect with Automatic Glass Loading machine to work together. AUTO CAD designed graphs and figures, automatic cutting, with all the cutting data fully computer controlled. The operator can edit the glass size for cutting with computer. The computer can optimize the cutting size, and give out the data for processing, driven the machine to cut glass sheet automatically in high speed and high precision.


1) Use professional computer soft, equipped professional cutting and optimized composing system. It features easy operation, high accuracy and fast speed. Cutting speed can be adjustable.

2) Cutting beam was imported from German rack and rail with high precision. It features high accuracy.

3) Main parts were imported from brand products. It features high quality and long life.

4) Maintain and operation were easy for the machine.



2- Technical data


Model No.



Max. Glass Size (mm)



Min. Glass Size (mm)



Processing Thickness (mm)



Cutting Accuracy (mm)

(+-) 0.20

(+-) 0.20

Max. Cutting Speed (m/min)



Occupation Area (mm)




Remark: Machine equipped with glass typesetting and optimize system.

Tabletop equips the air blowing function.


About us:

S&K Glass Machinery Limited is a Professional Glass Machine Manufacturer & Exporter, we specialize in producing various of High-Class Glass Deep-processing Equipment, For series of Glass Cutting Processing Machines are including:


1- CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Production Line
2- Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Production Line
3- Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

4- CNC Glass Cutting Table
5- Semiautomatic Glass Cutting Machine / Table
6- Glass Straight Cutting Machine
7- Glass Shaped Cutting Machine
8- Manual Glass Cuttng Machine

9- Automatic Round Cutting Machine
10- Glass Loader
11- Pneumatic Glass Breaking Machine


For and on the basis of mutual benefits and further development, we are sincerely willing to be hand in hand cooperate together with you in sharing of fruitful success.


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