2620 Semi-Automatic Glass cutting table

2620 Semi-Automatic Glass cutting table


SKC-2620S Semi-Automatic Glass cutting table ( For Straight-Line Cutting)


1- Introduction:


The semiautomatic, dual-bridge precision cutting table is improved by using step-drive equipment and automatic stop function, making it unnecessary to manually pull the two beams. By pressing the starter on the control panel, the cutting would be automatically done by the step-drive equipment. The smooth, easy operation reduces the intensity of labor and improves production efficiency.

2-Main Features:

1). It is automatically cut with straight line cutting

2). Double mechanical movement bridge system, automatically driving by motor.

3). Mult-cutters can be equipped on the bridge for bulk cutting.

4). Imported table surface, bearing and rail is more reliable and endurable.

5). Air float cutting table make the glass sheet loading and unloading easily.

6). Auto Glass Loading Table is optional.

7). Customer

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