1200 x 1800mm CNC Glass Engraving Machine

1200 x 1800mm CNC Glass Engraving Machine


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S&K CNC Glass Engraving Machine Features


SKE-1218 CNC Glass engraving machine is an engraving equipment for using in the plane of glass.

This type of engraving machine is compositive by graphical input, data processing and automatic processing these three-parts.

1- Graphic input section: In order to control the processing machinery works automatically, the graphics which is going to engrave, will be changing it into a digital graphics file which can be identified by an engraving software processing, finishing.


2- Data processing section: After get the digital graphics file by the engraving software, then use computer to process it be an electrical signal which can control the mechanical movement!

3- Processing automation section: Implement the instructions from the computer, and then to complete the graphic engraving process. in the whole process of
SKE-1218  this type engraving machine, the operator is responsible just for only processing data input, the upper and lower parts and monitoring processes, others works will be done by the equipment automatically.

Technique Specifications:


Table Size:

1200 * 1800mm

Repeat positioning accuracy:


Engraving depth :

0.5-2.0 mm

Power Supply:


Engraving suitable for:

glass, ceramics, hard plastics, marble, etc.

Knife Tools:

diamond knife, shank diameter of knife- 3.175mm, 6mm

Rotate speed of grinder motor frequency:


Cooling method:

water cooling


Scope of application:
The main object of
SKE-1218 engraving machine processing is for glass, but the hard plastic plates, porcelain and marble can be also processed.

SKE-1218 ths type engraving machine is easy to use, safe, reliable, simple operation, high producing capacity, it is really a very nice machine in the field of engraving!


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