Butyl Extruder

Butyl Extruder


Butyl Extruder  - SKIM-03


Machine Description:

- Automatic control of nozzle width in application of pneumatic and hydraulic parallel method
- Possilble to control a precise temperature and 1 / 100 sec inerval of sensor perception
- Easily and quickly changeable of spacer width on a consecutive operation
- Available to select a function for curved spacer, to control and operational height and conveyor belt speed(5 step)
- Easily controlable of all functions with Touch Screen and PLC program
- Possible to control the length of Butyl application and monitoring current production quantity on color Touch Screen

Machine size: 3000mm(L)x 500mm(W)x 600-950mm(H)
Speed: 18-28m/min
Power: 380V, 3P, 50Hz, 3.75kw
Compressor: 0.8Mpa
Weight: 500kg
Butyl volume: 14L
Nozzle adjustment: 6-19.5mm

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