Two Component Sealant Extruder

Two Component Sealant Extruder


Two Component Sealant Extruder  - SKIM-09


Machine Description:


The two pump and gun from GRACO USA, Acceptable for both polysulfide and silicone. Control mixing ratio exactly and conveniently(6:1-14:1). At rework, reduces production costs by minimizing losses of sealant. Automatic mixing/metering of the sealant volume for check of mixture. Automatic cleaning and easy and convenient maintenance of mixing system. Easy handling by weight-free mixing unit.


Main Technique Specification

Machine size: 1100x 1050x 1650mm               

Discharge: 2-3.5kg/min

Compressor: 0.8Mpa                                      

Mixing rate:  6:1-14:1

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